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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  October 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. >>she's always going to be with me. right now weekend edition an emotional goodbye for a tampa teen killed in a hit-and-run crash. we talked to the driver who says it wasn't all his fault. a road rage incident kills one man in hillsborough county. >>if you're catching a flight this weekend, leave your phone behind or get fined.
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starts today. good saturday morning, everybody i'm lindsey logue. >>and i'm tully. thanks for joining us. let's check in with debra with our forecast. welcome back. >>great to have you. >>hey, thanks. i'm thrilled to be back. >>it's been a few years. >>in fact, it's been so long ago it was before denis wore suspenders. >>she puts it in perspective. that takes me out of it. i have no idea how long that could be. >>here's our tour cam overlooking bayshore boulevard. a nice start to the morning in tarp. -- in tampa. take a look right now at our current temperatures. low to mid 70s climbing into the tampa bay area. our moisture is beginning to increase, so we could see a greater chance of a shower
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increasing. the dew points are here. all you need to know is when you see 70-degree dew points it's starting to get muggy. here's a look at our radar. most of the showers are kind of falling apart, but you do see the chance of showers today. here's look at our future cast. you see the showers racing to the east. we're putting rain chance at 30%. 87 day and tomorrow maybe even a thunderstorm is possible. we'll tell you about next week. >>looking good,. court reporter's police are searching for a shooter on the run -- clearwater police are searching for a shooter. the victim in this case is expected to be okay. right now we're making calls to get more details on the suspect. we'll update you as soon as we can.
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road rage shooting. here's what we know this morning. two people had two road rage incidents and the second resulted in one of them getting shot and killed. it happened last night on bloomingdale avenue near kings. two vehicles were stopped when 27-year-old kenneth michael quevas got out of his vehicle and walked back towards the other vehicle. shots were fired. he was hit and died at the hospital. >>it the investigators will be out here as long as they need to be to get it done. >>the person who fired the shots has not been charged yet. deputies say they have cooperating with officials. family and friends grieving the death of ashley perd o, mo this morning. a hit-and-run driver hit and killed her this week. students released balloons and also held a moment silence before the football game. those closest to her
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up every room and everyone she spent time with. >>she was always smiling. she was always happy when i saw her. she just lit up everybody, and that's going to be hard not to see [ crying ] >>the man accused of hitting her nicholas constantinous says he didn't realize he hit her until the a seminole county mom is in trouble for taking video of a 7-year-old driving her car and posted it online. after seeing the post officers staked out the boy's bus stop and watched as he got behind the wheel of his mom's car again. deputies pulled them over and arrested his mother. talk about a close call. watch as an elderly man, oh my gosh, falls into traffic on a busy road in miami. one driver's dash cam recorded the whole thing as the man
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over. thankfully this driver stops just in time. and others swerved just before so they would miss from hitting him. other drivers stopped to help get them across the street. >>goodman going over to help. families who have loved ones buried in frost proof are now being forced to remove items that don't meet a city guideline. the mayor says the ordinance has been in place for several years but now they're going to start orange flags have been placed on the sites that aren't following the rule and families will also receive a letter, and they will have 30 days to remove any loose items like benches and statues. after that time frame those items will be taken to city hall where loved ones can pick them up. >>the most difficult thing that i have to hear is people's perspective that we are doing this in a heartless form, that we're doing this without compassion, and that couldn't
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>>the city council meets monday at 6:00. the ordinance will be discussed during the meeting. the mayor says they want to hear from families. in democracy 2016 donald trump is suggesting a boycott of people magazine after they published an interview of a woman saying he groped her. >>it is one of many allegations that have emerged. >>trump, of course, denies all of to provide the proof he promised would be revealed yesterday. >> reporter: donald trump came out swinging friday in both of his rallies against more women accusing him of groping or kissing him without their consent. >>these allegations are 100% false, as everybody, i think you know. it's a total setup. they're 100% made up. >> reporter: two more women came forward today after hearing
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bus. kristin anderson says hearing him talk about sexual assault laned and what happened to her when she was sitting next to him at a nightclub in the 90s. >>the person on my right who unbeknownst to me at that time was donald trump put their high winds up my skirt. >> reporter: trump and his campaign dismissed her accusation and the one of summer zerbas who told of sexual misconduct in 2007. >>he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me very aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. >> reporter: she registered as a rep nan 2003. hillary clinton did not directly address the new allegations when she blasted trump in seattle. >>if we do our job in 25 days donald trump will stop being on the news every single day. >> reporter: president obama
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clinton went even further. >>democracy itself is on the ballot right now. >> reporter: which you can receiverson -- seiverson abc news. the link to the its on us site where people can sign a pledge. obama never mentions trump in the tweet. the thinking that leads starts with us is what obama said about it. thousands of e-mails new rereleased asking aids asked bill clinton to cancel plans to a wall street investment firm. just as hillary was about to announce her campaign for president, these hacked e-mails show she did not want to cancel the speech, clinton's campaign
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appearing to be too close to wall street banks. the third debate is 4 days away. it will be live october 14th right here on action news. 6:08 still ahead an eye-popping water bill that seemed to come out of nowhere. the explanation for the mistake that nearly forced a bay area family from their home. the lightning host the devils tonight. we'll have preview from coach keeper coming up. we're seeing a somehow -- a few showers move through the bay area. i'll give you the details
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. we've got you covered right here with the abc action news live stream. you can't afford to miss the next news that could change your day and you don't have to. download our app and catch up whenever you find a secretary. >>download the free app and press play. brought to you by florida hospital. welcome back 6:12 people haiti trying to recover after matthew. reutters put the death toll above 1,000 now and the u.n. is asking for 119 million in emergency relief funds. >>i know many want to people but some things you think could be good could end up being a disaster within a disaster. >>some well intentions could make things even worse. nicole explains. >> reporter: it's the moving sound of help.
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bracing army warehouse, inside the -- salvation army warehouse. supplies will help people along the east coast and in haiti, like vicky poff there to finalize the adoption of her 10-year-old daughter. she's on the other side of the island. >>if i didn't see stuff on facebook, being here, i wouldn't know what had happened down there. >> reporter: now is the time to consider helping but keep in mind the clothes or toys for kids only becomes a bigger disaster. >>it has to be sorted, find out if it's actually a size that can be used, then examined be transported to the disaster area is unsorted. it's really complicated and hard. >> reporter: another wing that seems helpful, water, but shipping it is so expensive and it's done behind the scenes.
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several semi loads of water that was available the day the disaster happened by working with our corporate partners like nestle water. >> reporter: even can food is a struggle because you have to worry about expiration dates and shipping costs too. >>we have to sort it, pay for shipping to get it there, then we have to have a warehouse on scene to help reeboks it to get to families. >> reporter: that's why when the sal bracing army asks for financial donations it's for a bigger reason, because the money also helps put money back into those struggling economies. >>that was our nicole grigg reporting there. if you want to help communities near florida recovering from the storm you can text disaster to 20222 and that automatically donates 10 dollars or you can visit
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>>a little while ago. >>she walks in here and has ... >>no stranger to the bay area or the crazy weather we have here. >>absolutely. i've lived in tampa most of my life, so i'm used to the weather here. >>i've been here six months, so i'm still working on that. it's been some very comfortable mornings. you and i are out reporting in the morning in the week and i've noticed a change. >>this last week you can start to notice the humidity dropping, but we have some the way next weekend. >>oh good. >>i'm going to talk about that in a minute. >>what kind of changes? >>good changes. we're going to take a look at our river gate tour cam over bayshore boulevard. partly cloudy skies, current conditions right now are in the mid to upper 70s. it has been very comfortable the last week or so. maybe that comfort level is not quite as high as it has been as we head
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moisture is increasing. you can see temperatures in the mid 70s or so. dew points, this is kind of the feels-like, this is how comfortable you feel. when you see dew points around 70 you know it's starting to be muggy, certainly nothing like what we've seen in the summertime which is dew points in the mid 70s, but earlier this week we had dew points around 50. you can see the difference. for our weekend planner we're looking at a few showers today, chance of rain throughout the day. tomorrow 40% with a possibility of thunder. you can see with our radar a few showers moving into eastern hillsborough county and polk county. those are pretty much falling apart as the morning has progressed. as we head into the afternoon there certainly is a better chance of seeing a few showers as we widen out, you can see the showers moving through central florida and our future cast shows
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west with easterly winds and we're going to put our coverage at about 30% today. we're still watching tropical storm nicole. it's forecast to strengthen back into a hurricane, but it shouldn't be any bother for us. as you can see no tropical development other than nicole racing off to the east for the next five days. on the water winds out of the northeast, a moderate chop on bay and inland waters. here's your the pier and the days continue to get shorter. so your highs will be in the upper 80s around the bay area around partly cloudy skies. if you're heading out to jailed james stadium tonight it looks like a pretty nice -- out to raymond james stadium tonight. it looks pretty nice. as we head into the evening overnight our lows will drop to 72 but overnight we
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your 7 days as we head through the next several days. our rain chance again increases today and tomorrow but then decreases as we head into the workweek and then we see a little bit of change, a cold front coming through as we head into the end of the week into the weekend. we'll tell you a little bit more about that in a bit. here's a look at at your morning sports. and good morning, everybody. it's all about keeping the momentum from the lightning. ne and unlike the bolts who scored 6 days in their first game. the devils managed only one on the road. john keeper says not so fast. >>people may sit here and say the devils can't score, but i expect them to score a lot more.
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tomorrow. >>meanwhile callahan has been okay'd for contact in practice. he was banging on the boards yesterday morning. kelly's return slated for early november but don't be surprised if it's not earlier. this news made me shake my head. bucs kicker named nfl clutch performer of the week with his winning kick in the carolina game. yeah, he won the game, by also missed two kicks that put the game in limbo and at the end i slay's interception should have won, but that's just me. heading to tonight's game, 5-1 and one away from becoming bowl eligible. but attendance figures were a different story. john saberral went to get reaction. >>perhaps the -- sable went to get reaction.
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tampa sports authority released the actual attendance for usf's home coming game against ecu. tsa reporting 16,585 fans came to the game. that's the worst home coming attend nence usf's 20-year history. >>i think it's part of growth with our football program and our fan base, having folks in there can add strength to our team. >> reporter: the bulls we a bowl game last season and this season they're currently 5-1 while sporting the 8th highest scoring offense in the country. >>i want to put something that people want to watch and the rest should containing care of it self. >> reporter: even with this success why aren't fans showing up? the main excuse is it's too hot to attend a game in the
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schedule. taggart isn't concerned over attendance. >>if we're going to be what we want to be as a university as a football program, we have to do something. we can't blame anyone. >> reporter: reporting with usf john sabal abc action sports. >>thanks tom and john. still ahead, help for who are suffering from memory loss. how to get free alzheimer's screenings
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suffering from memory loss coming to a neighborhood near you. >>you don't have to make an appointment and it's completely free. >> reporter: questions like what year is it. >>2016. >> reporter: what animal is this? >>is that a lion? it looks like a lion, then a hippopotamus. >> reporter: and what's the next letter in this pattern. >>b. >> reporter: all help experts identify memory red flags right here in this mobile memory research unit. brought her neighbor here for a free exam minutes from his home. >>he doesn't remember what he did yesterday so i know this would be a great test for him. >> reporter: usf health's byrd institute is to taking diagnoses on the road. the plan is to see about 100 patients a day. >>nobody likes to way. >> reporter: if do you show
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research. >>potentially next week we could be in the villages, the next week in lakeland, the next in sarasota. and we're able to bring in all of the research patients to test new medications much quicker. >> reporter: on this bus an exam can be less intimidating. >>i didn't want to get a brain scan or anything like that, and it can be quite daunting, scary. >> reporter: now these patients can get the help they need and wouldn't have gotten otherwise. >>now i know i do need to take a step and i'm it. >>i'm more secure knowing it's going to be okay. >> reporter: we'll have the stops posted on our website. i'm ashley yore, the now tampa bay. still ahead a firey crash killing the driver and his two young sons. caught in the wreckage, their amazing story of survival and brotherly love coming up. and the mom and dad of the year award is not for the couple caught on camera here. what police say they've been up to
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z256az zy6z y256ay yy6y . this is abc action news. welcome back to abc action
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tully much it is about 6:30. here is the top stories. family and friends grieving the death of ashley perdomo this morning, the teen hit and killed this week. her family and friends remembered her. the last accused of hitting her arrested on thursday. he didn't realize he'd hit someone until the next day. police say two people had two road rage incidents and end hillsborough county. it happened last night on bloomingdale avenue near kings. police say two vehicles were stopped in traffic when 27-year-old kenneth michael quevas got out of his vehicle and headed back to the other. he was hit and later died at the hospital. deputies believe the two individuals had an earlier road rage incident moments prior to the second one that led to the shooting. starting today airlines will not allow passengers to take a
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plane. the phone has been linked to numerous fires including one on a plane earlier this month. we'll have much more on the story in less than 2 minutes. lindsey and debra. >>okay., james. thanks. helping you guys get out the door this morning with our forecast. a little bit of rain popping up on the radar. >>we have about a 30% chance of rain, certainly more than the last week or so, so our chance is increasing. not bad, not li to. we are transitioning into fall. we're's a look from our tour cam overlooking bayshore boulevard in tampa. partly cloudy skies, again the days are getting shorter as we're heading closer and closer to winter, so still dark out there. our current conditions across the bay area, though, as you can see we are seeing a few showers moving into the central portions of the bay area. sebring, lake placid and then moving toward
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farther north you can see them moving from polk county into eastern hillsborough. don't be surprised if you see a shower or two later this afternoon. here's look at future cast. we see the possibility of showers moving across the state. we're looking at 30% coverage throughout the day. current conditions right now in the bay area we're in the mid 70s again partly cloudy skies, but a little bit breezy. you can see in winds at 16 miles per hour. here's a look at your weekend planner, 87 degrees today, about a 30% chance for a shower. on sunday we may even see a thunderstorm with our rain chances increasing to 40%. i'll tell you more about what to expect as we head into the weekend and the beginning of the workweek. if you have a samsung galaxy note 7, leave it home. you cannot bring it with you on
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bags. the department of transportation says people who try will have their phones confiscated and they could even be fined. samsung recalled more than 2.5 million phones and discontinued the note 7 earlier this week. that phone has been linked to numerous fires including one on an airplane earlier this month. caught on camera police outside of dallas, texas looking for a couple doing the unthinkable using their child to help them steal thousands of dollars worth of beauty produc too. i would never think of doing this. the mom and dad sending the girl in to distract employees sometimes. other times they had her take things from the shelf and just hand it to them. police say they are concerned about the welfare of the girl. also caught on camera, take a look at this, incredible video out of massachusetts showing a dramatic rescue of a woman from her sinking suv. a 68-year-old driver accidentally driving
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the man who swam out to save her was able to get her out. this is video out of houston, a tractor trailer rolling over and catching fire. you get the idea. you see the fire. but what happened next, that's what's really amazing. police say a five-year-old boy pulled his 2-year-old brother out safely. now, their dad, the driver died in the fire. the older boy telling a witness his dad hit a guardrail >>i heard a boom noise and i ran out and i saw a little kid running around. >>both boys are in the hospital this morning. the 2-year-old suffered from severe burns. the family was moving to galveston and the mother was driving the vehicle ahead of the boys. a barbershop in michigan making headlines this morning for a good reason. they're offering kids discounts on haircuts if they read out loud
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$2 off, enough incentive to get the kids and parents into the program. the barber says he got the idea after seeing stories of shops in new york and here in tampa doing the same thing. in fact, here in the bay area just earlier this year a 13-year-old started a reading program. james coleston was featured earlier this summer. he created the tampa bay reading program for kids. sunshine it's a great thing. >>and it's growing. a texas police department's post also going viral. an officer's body camera capturing walking up to a group while responding to a noise complaint. >>how is it going, guys? are y'all having a party or something? >>dance practice. >>are y'all a group? >>yeah.
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>>it's for my brother's wedding. >>the groom and groomsmen were practicing a surprise dance for his wedding which was the next day. they even gave the officer a sample of their cory gravy. the -- choreography. the carrollton police department received overwhelmingly positive responses on social media about the respectful attitudes from both parties. by the way, the groom says his wife with the surprise dance. >>it might top what i did in dancing with the stars. still that he had this morning a south tampa sandwich shop shut down after inspectors found more than 50 roaches in the kitchen. we'll tell you which one in this morning's dirty dining report. stay with
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. let me just say i'm so sorry if you're eating breakfast. days, but one day you couldn't get anything to eat say subway in tampa. our team uncovered
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had to -- sail mayry after inspectors saw more than 50 live and dead roaches. i warned you. the store was forced to close. they were found under the front counter, near the bread cabinet and in other parts of the kitchen. the restaurant had to throw away other food that was being kept at dangerous temperatures. the pr sent us a statement that read the restaurant did experience some proble franchisee took immediate action to address. everything is in compliance now. we've posted their full statement on our website at >>you almost fear that eating and clinking of spoons dropping across the bay area. we have two alerts you need to know about this morning especially before fixing your child's snack. craft heins recalling the ham and american
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which may cause a serious reaction for people who are allergic to those and they are mislabeled. and nestle issuing a recall of drumsticks including the 16 count variety pack and the 24 count vanilla pack. no illnesses have been reported. nestle says if you have the products please don't eat them and return them to the store. still ahead, gift cards, one of t really, i think they are. >>it is the most, yeah, popular gift. >>easiest. >>there's a new scam that could drain the cards. we're going to explain so you don't waste your money this holiday season. and tracking your every move it seems nothing you do onshrine private anymore. the four simple and free things you can do now to keep companies from invading your privacy.
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. go to christmas gift for anyone. >>if i'm panicking i'll hand them cash. >>or a gift card. >>millions of people give and get gift cards during the holidays. it's one of the most >>wine's good or liquor. >>my favorite. >>it's also because it's so popular, it's the gift scammers want too. they've come up with a new way to get hands on your money. >>we're showing you what to watch out for. >> reporter: have any gift cards. >>thieves have developed a new scam for stealing the value of your car.
6:46 am
they do it through trying to sell your card. >>while most of us might love a gift card to best buy, zach wagner wanted cash, so he posted his $400 gift card on craig's list and in no time had an offer to buy it. >>45 minutes after i listed it i got a call. the guy asked me how much i wanted. i confirmed 350. he said he wanted to meet me at best buy the next day. >> reporter: but then the buyer said oh one verify it because he said he didn't want to drive half an hour and end up with a bad card. i figured that's reasonable. >> reporter: the buyer asked him to call best buy, punch in the card number and confirm its value on a three-way call. >>he must have got the numbers be from the gift card and then he used it to spend almost all of it. >> reporter: someone drained the card applying a apply station at a california best buy store.
6:47 am
the number. there's a lesson here for anyone thinking of unloading an unwanted gift card, craig's list may not be the safest place to put it up for sale. the most popular sites include gift card granny and ray' >>don't call and confirm it. they can steal the number which is definitely news to me. >> reporter: this appears to be a new trend with repos make sure no one sees or hears your card number. >>when you go online your every move is being tracked and you have no idea what happens to all the information, of course. >>it's crazy. all the gift cards, there's just a way to get everything, everything. >>well, i was telling you my dad charged up my amazon account last year, and there was no exchange of anything. he said,
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>>it was just like depositing money into your bank account. >>it was how i spent my christmas morning. it was a win-win. looking pretty nice outside. here's a look from our tour cam overlooking bayshore boulevard in tampa. partly cloudy skies this morning. we're starting out a little bit warmer maybe than we have the last couple of days. current temperatures now in the mid to -- low to mid 70s across the bay area. tampa at 72. bartow at 72. what is also on the increase is our humidity levels of. this is current dew points and all you need to know is when you get to about 70 that's when it starts to get a little muggy. and last week it's been nice and dry and comfortable, but that has slowly been inching up. you can see we're starting to get into the low 70s in some areas, so today maybe not quite as comfortable as the last week or so. but we are expecting
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noon 83 and a few showers are possible as moisture continues to increase. we're looking at about a 30% chance of showers today. and some of our area is already starting to see a few showers moving into the central part of the bay area, especially from lake what i will see over into bartow. as -- wales into bartow. the easterly flow, looking at at about afternoon. our highs in the upper 80s today, about normal. if you're heading out to see the lightning playing the new jersey devils, puck drops at 7:30. temperatures will be in the 80s and don't be surprised if you see a shower that is possible as you head into the game, and then partly cloudy skies by the time you leave with temperatures in the upper 70s.
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to the east, still some swales, though, around the eastern part of the u.s., but that shouldn't be bothering us as it heads out to the east. now, remember hurricane season is still around through the end of november. named storms, their average is 12. we've already had 14 so far, 6 hurricanes and three category 3 or higher storms. let's hope we're finished for the year, certainly we'll let you know. for boaters winds out of the northeast 10 to 15 knots, seas 2 to 3 feet on bay and enlard waters. here the tides. your sunset tonight is at 7:00 p.m. hour high today 87 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds, about 30% chance of a shower and then overnight tonight 72 degrees partly cloudy skies in the overnight hours we will be dry. and then as we head into sunday
6:51 am
we're looking at at about a 40% chance then as we head into the beginning of the workweek our rain chances drop to 10% monday and tuesday, on the increase toward the end of the workweek where we say see our first front coming through. guys. >>thanks, debra. how about i try this again. when you go online your every move is being tracked and i bet you have no idea what happens to all that information. >>deiah riley is taking help you control your personal information. >> reporter: it can be creepy when you search for a medical condition online and then a related ad pops up on your screen. >>it's called digital tracking. we think companies should be able in simple language to tell you what information is being collected and how it's being used. >> reporter: consumer report's latest issue has page after page of advice for protecting your privacy.
6:52 am
steps you can take to limit digital tracking. first, install an ad blocker such as privacy badger. it blocks ads that come with tracking software. number 2, check your phone settings to see which apps are tracking your location and turn off any that you don't need to know. number 3, if you visit an unfamiliar website that demands your e-mail go to a site like 10 minute where you can get a functioning e- mail that self construction after you and finally google. >>google collects a tremendous amount of information about you, google search, google maps, gmail. >> reporter: you can see just how much google tracks you if you look under my account and then my activity. there are alternative search engines that don't track their users. if you want to stick with google search you can two-week the settings and delete the records -- tweak the settings. we've got more
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on our website right now. i'm deiah riley for abc action news. still ahead from comedy to action there certainly is something for everyone at the movies this weekend. >>you had a little tease on your facebook. >>i went to the movies for the first time since 2013. check it out. find out what i went to see. >>trick question. there's your tease. still ahead we're going to preview the accountant, max steel and the new kevin comedy, so you can decide how you want to spend your money at the movies this weekend.
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october 27th at the faces luncheon to benefit the haven of
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three new movies hit screens this weekend, but can any take on the current box off champ, the girl here's' sneak peek at the new flicks out right now. >>i'm cooking the books for the scariest people on the planet. >> reporter: ben affleck's role could potentially add up to a box office win. it's predicted it could bring in 15 to $20 million over the weekend, which could put it ahead of
6:57 am
train. kevin hart's stand-up comedy film chronicles a massive performance in front of 53,000 fans in philadelphia. the movie could open to $13 million which wouldn't be bad considering its production reportedly cost under 10 million. and also opening this weekend is toy tie-in max steel based on the mattel toy's action figure line. stars maria bello and anthony garcillo. >>it's kind of hard to believe the accountant is accounts movie. >>you'll have to tell me how it is. i went for the popcorn. >>you didn't go see a movie. you went to the theater to get popcorn. they layered the butter for you, right?
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hour coming up. >>coming up next, florida leads the nation when it comes to credit card fraud, why -- why the problem is still running ramp ent in the bay area. and local family goes from paying $35 to over $500 for a water bill. how it happened and what you should look out for so the same thing doesn't happen
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